Experiments in PF

We performed X-ray fluorescence holography (XFH) in Photon Factory (KEK) from December 3-5. Mr. Shioda (M2), Mr. Niki (M1), Mr. Hayashi (B4), and Yamamoto attended the experiments. We also helped XFH experiments for other university groups to study XFH.

JIM fall meeting

JIM fall meeting was held at Tohoku Univeristy on Sep 19-21. Mr. Niki (graduate student, M1) gave a poster presentation and Mr. Shioda (graduate student, M2) gave an oral presentation. Mr. Niki received an excellent poster presentation award.


KINKEN WAKATE & FINEMET30 international workshop was held at IMR, Tohoku University on August 29-31. Shioda (graduate student, M2), Niki (graduate student, M1) and Yamamoto attended the meeting.

Lab camp

We had laboratory camp from August 8-10 at Oarai, Ibaraki. The content of slides for presentation prepared by undergraduate students and the backgrounds of each thesis were discussed by graduate students in the evening. We could not swim in the beach at all unfortunately because of approaching a typhoon. However, we visited an aquarium instead of swimming.


THERMEC2018 international conference was held in Paris on July 9-13. Yamamoto gave an invited talk on local structure in βTi alloys. Shioda (graduate student, M2) gave a poster presentation on local structure in a high entropy alloy.


ISMANAM2018 international conference was held in Rome on July 2-6. Yamamoto gave a presentation on local structure in a high entropy alloy.